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FACE MASK Leather Crackle Red

STANZEE Leather Face Masks are hand made in Australia. They are composed of three layers. The two internal layers are black linen and contain an internal pocket to place an additional Carbon Filter. STANZEE face masks provide coverage and style and are designed and contoured to fit securely over your nose, mouth and chin. The masks have durable soft elastic straps that stretch to fit comfortably over your ears and are adjustable by using the cord locks to fit your face perfectly. We supply 4 Black Carbon Filters with every leather mask and additional Filters can be purchased separately. As the leather for our masks are individually selected we have limited stock and they can not be guaranteed to be restocked once sold out. The leather masks are at variable prices due to hide costs.

Sizes : Medium 24 cm x 11 cm    or    Large 24 cm x 12 cm

Female Model Wearing : Medium 

Packaging + Postage : $9.95 Standard Post

As the leather can NOT be washed we have provided four PM2.5 replaceable Black Carbon Filters. Each filter consists of 5 layers for air filtering. We recommend that you replace your filters after 10 uses and ensure that your masks are placed in an open air environment when not in use. While our masks are made of the highest quality they are not medical grade and are for personal use only. Please do not share your masks and remember that masks are not a replacement for recommended social distancing and practising proper hygiene. Due to hygiene and safety reasons we cannot accept any returns or exchanges of face masks so please choose carefully.

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