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ST A N Z E E the BRAND and Stanzee the person are a reflection of each other.

The two are synonymous.

They are conscious of each other, the ever changing world and the needs of others but they never waiver from their core :




Art reflects life and STANZEE does reflect her experiences and associations in her garments. She anticipates that there is a Rock Goddess, Glam Queen, Rebel in all of us but most importantly there is a unique individual that just wants to express themselves. Stanzee strives to help people express themselves with her garments.

Stanzee has dressed some of the great fashion icons of our time including Nicole Kidman, Ruby Rose, Delta Goodrum, Paula Abdul to name just a few.

‘Thank you so much for the beautifully designed black dress. I just adore it, so ele- gant and chic. What a great collection you have. Nic xx’ (Nicole Kidman)


Stanzee’s love for fashion projected her on a journey that brought her to study Fashion at two acclaimed fashion schools including TAFE, Ultimo, Australia and Fashion School, Central St Martins, London. The two schools provided differing ethos, Ultimo TAFE orientated on producing consumable garments where Central St Martins strived to transcend complete creativiity, even at the expense of the traditional consumer. The juxpost beliefs and their unison have been vital for Stanzee’s own label which excels to push her creativity but also be forever conscious of wearablility.

Stanzee’s passion for predominantly (but not solely) working with leather has never waivered and her commitment to the fibre has been steadfast over the years. Stanzee uses only high quality by-product leather which is ethically sourced and seriously considers the garments longevity and reduced cleaning requirements. These key attributes for sustainability and reduction of Carbon Foot printing is a constant reminder of her dedication to the environment. If a garment needs to be constantly replaced due to quality or design, then a garments sustainability looses credibility.