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All garments are clearly marked with care instructions found on the inside of your garment.
Please read carefully as most of our garments are made using leather and a specialist dry cleaner is recommended if needed.
To ensure the longevity of your leather garments we recommend the following care instructions.
·      Leather garments should be cleaned by professional leather specialists your dry cleaner will be able to recommend one
·      Do not store in direct sunlight or place near heat
·      Do not keep in plastic bags to prevent any mildew growth and allow for ventilation
·      Treat leather with a suede and leather guard like a scotch guard to prevent the ingress of water stain or grime
·      To remove any surface dirt, wipe with a clean lightly damp cloth
·      Any variances in the surface appearances are due to the natural finish of the material
·      Colour variation may also occur with general wear and cleaning
·      To avoid stretching and to keep the leathers shape, store garments on a wide wooden or plastic hanger. Avoid using metal hangers and hanging skirts and pants with clothing pegs or placing them over doorknobs etc where the stress in the leather is very localized.
Leather garments age over time and only add to their beauty and natural characteristics, all leather used are of the highest quality.